We are able to carry out a wide range of work which falls into the tree care and arboriculture category;

Tree Pruning – such as; formative pruning, deadwood removal, targeted branch removal, canopy reduction, fruit tree pruning, weight reduction. We will always be happy to discuss through all options when it comes to pruning.

Hedging – We pride ourselves for our attention to detail and care when undertaking hedging work – sometimes you cannot achieve the perfect end result straight away, but with regular maintenance and time to grow we can assist you in getting there.

Tree Removal – We are able to do this work in small confined spaces, using a number of different climbing and rigging techniques to unsure no damage is done to your property – and we are also able to perform larger removals, sometimes with the use of machinery. 

Storm damage/Emergency work – Nature plays its part and can cause a tree to fail from time to time, if this was to unfortunately happen – we could assist you in safely cleaning up the mess without causing anymore damage to the surroundings.

Tree Support systems – There are a number of effective support systems which can assist in making the area around a tree safer in the event of a failure, or to improve the structural integrity to help reduce the risk of that failure ever happening . Dynamic bracing and cable bracing are the most common that we would advise, but with every tree being different these would be considered depending on the situation and if necessary.

If you would like some advice and/or are worried about the safety and structural integrity of your tree, please get in touch and we can advise and assist in a solution to preventing a failure.

Stump Grinding – we are able to grind out the remaining stump to below ground level – this will allow in most circumstances for a new tree to be planted in the same area.

Mulching – By using modern machinery we are able to turn branches and wood into mulch in seconds, ready to be spread throughout the garden beds.

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